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Professional Website (WordPress).

WordPress is Internet software that can be used to create a website, blog or e-commerce site. From its simple beginnings as a blogging platform launched in 2003, WordPress has evolved into a full content management system and so much more, thanks to its thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes that enables you to transform your website into almost anything you can imagine. The software was built by countless community volunteers. Its ease of use and customization flexibility have made it the choice of millions of people to power their websites, blogs or e-commerce sites.

Why use WordPress?

  • Its administrative panel is easy to use
  • It offers a full array of online tutorials and help files
  • It enables users to edit and update their own web pages and posts
  • Users can add new content to meet their evolving needs
  • It may be moved easily to any other hosting provider
  • It offers a powerful central focus on social media
  • It contains countless plug-ins and themes
  • It can be used as an e-commerce platform
  • It is open source and free to download!

How can Global Access help you make the most of WordPress? Our hosting platform is compatible with WordPress, so we can assist with its installation and set-up. We can also recommend the appropriate theme and plug-ins to meet your needs. We can also assist you in purchasing a professional WordPress template and incorporate it with you content and images.

Install it yourself or let us do it for you

The WordPress installation process is simple enough to complete yourself, but  in order to avoid the learning-curve you may wish to have us either install WordPress and leave the rest to you or install and set up your WordPress system, purchase a professional designed template and populate your pages with content and images that you provide.

A powerful online marketing tool

WordPress is a powerful tool for online marketing. The ability to update your website when and as often as you choose allows you to add news as it happens and promote your latest offers as they are created. Connecting with your customers through a regular blog also gives you a significant advantage over your competition.

You may also wish to visit our Web Design and Development Service page to view our different packages . We also specialise in developing Drupal websites, which is more heavy-duty than WordPress, but whatever your needs, the Global Access team is here to assist you in finding the solution that best meets your requirements.

Do you require us to make your WordPress website for you? You may “Request a Quote” below and a Sales Consultant will contact you shortly.
Signing up for WordPress Hosting is easy. Just let us know what you need and we’ll give you fast, free, no-obligation quotation.


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